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Known for its jazz, blues and take on French cuisine, the powerful creole doesn’t disappoint. Intense flavours of sun-dried tomato and punchy cayenne contrast the creamy, crunchy slaw. The Cajun corn will take heat to new levels and the bananas foster will add a seductive sweetness to finish the meal.

Included: Spices, Shopping List, Cooking Method, Postcard, Music Playlist


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New Orleans is renowned for its vibrant, party-like atmosphere. On every corner, come rain or shine, they’re moving to jazz and blues. It’s a distinctly unique city, unlike any other in the United States. That’s a reflection of its long history as a colonial town ruled by both the French and Spanish.

Most notable of all is the New Orleans Cuisine and the wider Louisiana cuisine - perhaps the most distinctive and recognisable regional cuisine in the whole of the United States.

The food here is heavily influenced by a blend of West African, French, Spanish, Amerindian and Haiatian practices. The unique melting pot of European settlers, West African slaves and their Creole descendants have led to some of the most mesmerizing dishes and beloved classics. So, here at The Spice Pioneer, we’ve put together a very special New Orleans food box for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Using our pots of perfectly measured powerful and aromatic spices, you’ll be bringing the best of Louisiana cuisine right into your kitchen, creating a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of New Orleans food.

These spices are vital to boost the flavour of your food and the correct quantities are essential to achieve maximum taste. So, we’ve ensured that the ingredients for your New Orleans cuisine have been carefully selected and quantified. The spice mixes have been roasted and blended by hand in small batches at our Wirral headquarters to ensure our high standard is met.

Furthermore, inside this New Orleans food box, you’ll find not just the spices but the recipes, a shopping list, a postcard and even a specially curated music playlist. So all you need to do is press play and simply add these spice mixes to your food as you cook! It’s that easy.

On the menu for you, we’ve got a powerful shrimp creole with rice. It’s a classic creole dish with French and Spanish heritage, combining the qualities of other New Orleans cuisine such as gumbo and jambalaya.

For this, we created our own unique creole spice blend containing sea salt, paprika, onion powder, black peppercorns, toasted garlic, cayenne, thyme and oregano. Alongside that you’ll also find the sun-dried tomato powder. The intense flavours of this and the punchy cayenne really contrast with the creamy, crunchy slaw on the side.

Of course, no true Louisiana cuisine banquet is complete without some corn on the cob. So, we’ve provided you with a great recipe for cajun corn that makes use of our cajun spice blend (cayenne pepper, green cardamom, cumin seeds, black peppercorn, sea salt, fennel, toasted garlic, coriander seed, red chillies, oregano and thyme).

Rounding things off, banana foster - a classic New Orleans dish that was created in the city. In 1951, in the Vieux Carré restaurant, Ella Brennan and the restaurant's chef Paul Blangé modified a dish made by Ella's mother in the Brennan family home. During this time, New Orleans was a huge hub for banana importation from South America and this is the product of that. Seductive, sweet bananas and vanilla ice cream. Delicious!


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