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Create meals to remember with our perfectly portioned seasonings, handy recipes and easy-to-follow cooking methods!


We pick, pack and dispatch orders WORLDWIDE within 1 working day and all UK orders are sent on a next day delivery service!


Cook with 100% natural, highly concentrated ingredients that are hand-made in the UK in small batches to ensure maximum flavour!


Meet The Spice Pioneer

Hello! Hola! Salaam! We welcome both novice and experienced cooks to assist the Spice Pioneer on his culinary adventures! The Spice Pioneer travels the globe to gather the highest quality herbs and spices on the market because high quality means phenomenal taste! Our small team blends, roasts and mixes these ingredients by hand under the watchful eye of The Spice Pioneer! These creations are called Meal Kits, which enable you to create gourmet and authentic cuisine!

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Being an intrepid and experienced traveller, The Spice Pioneer knows the best places to source flavoursome, premium ingredients. He has cooked the finest curries, tucked into the best paella, enjoyed sensational tastes of Thailand, devoured delicious Italian food and much, much more! Our Spice Pioneer travels across all continents to find flavours that will tantalise your taste buds! Therefore, you can trust him to find the best spices and recipes for you to create exquisite dishes from all parts of the globe.

Global cuisine is diverse, and The Spice Pioneer aims to seek the very best of what the culinary world has to offer. Of course, he will enjoy himself while ‘working’, but rest assured this is a challenging task and he will go to endless lengths to make his efforts worth it! Luckily for us, he is a likeable guy with an innate ability to interact positively with anyone he encounters. This frequently results in the hand of friendship being extended in the form of food and drink. You may have experienced something similar yourself when overseas – there is no greater privilege than being invited to dine with the locals!


The Spice Pioneer’s aim is to provide culinary inspiration to people of all cooking abilities. He therefore takes care to listen to and understand what the people want! The Spice Pioneer has recognised the demand for an alternative to meal kits that contain wheat, potato starch, cornflour, oil, as well as countless other preservatives and additives. For those that want convenient meals and wholesome ingredients, the Spice Pioneer’s selection of Power Pods is perfect for you! Power Pods are 100% natural spice mixes that we blend, roast and mix by hand in small batches within the UK. The spice mixes are therefore diet friendly, family friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Don’t worry – The Spice Pioneer still uses his first-class ingredients because high quality means better taste! He also makes a conscious effort to help the environment, which is why spice mixes are perfectly portioned to minimise fuss and wastage! Not only this, but Power Pods are recyclable, and each purchase contributes to The Spice Pioneer’s tree planting initiative. Flavours include Katsu Curry, Chilli con Carne, Fajita, Peri-Peri Chicken and Chicken Lollipops. Each Power Pod includes the spice mix, a handy recipe and easy cooking method so you can create fast, easy meals with outstanding results. What are you waiting for? Shop the full range here.


By now you must have realised that The Spice Pioneer is a valiant culinary nomad and a genius in the kitchen! He must consider the details of each recipe – the preparation, cooking methods, equipment required, cooking time and of course the availability of ingredients. As a result, every deluxe recipe box has been meticulously tailored to work in your kitchen.

Each recipe box contains 6-8 spices to create a three-course meal from a new, exotic destination. The Spice Pioneer includes a postcard in each box, that details his latest adventures and explorations. You may want to drop your pans and join him on his travels but rest assured, the tempting task of cooking his latest mouth-watering recipe is just as invigorating! A shopping list is also included, that details the other ingredients required. Once all the food is purchased, the Spice Pioneer will guide you through the cooking process with his straight-forward instructions. Finally – to make the evening complete – a specially curated music playlist that reflects your culinary destination is available to round off your entire cooking experience!

Not only will you receive fabulous recipes, you will find little pots of ingredients, spices and seasonings that will capture genuine and authentic flavours within your cooking. The enclosed recipes have been tried and tested countless times, guaranteed to provide spectacular results that you will be proud to present to your table!

If the Spice Pioneer could encapsulate a slice of culture within the recipe box, then he would. Instead, he captures the local ambience by way of personally written postcards in which he will portray his surroundings, encounters and snippets of local life. Do be prepared on occasion to laugh out loud at his vivid depictions and undeniable sense of humour!
The Spice Pioneer is also passionate about music. In fact, he would seize the opportunity to pick up a guitar and start up a chorus with new-found friends from around the world! He understands the importance of music to evoke feeling, create atmosphere and inspire imagination. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to compile a music playlist that compliments the origin of each recipe box. Intrigued? Shop recipe boxes here.


When it comes to gifts for foodies, it doesn’t get tastier than a gift voucher for the Spice Pioneer’s deluxe recipe boxes! This is the perfect present for anyone who loves to cook, try new foods and share meals with friends and family. You can only imagine how pleased they will be when they receive their first recipe box that contains the elements for a fabulous culinary experience to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Setting up a gift voucher is incredibly easy, you choose how many monthly deliveries you want to set up and if you want to, you can even choose which boxes they will receive! Shop gift vouchers here.

The Spice Pioneer is a sister company to Seasoned Pioneers – an established foodie brand based on the Wirral, UK with 20 years of knowledge and experience manufacturing herbs, spices and spice mixes.

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