The Spice Pioneer is powered by Seasoned Pioneers, who are famous for dry roasting world-class spices, sourced from only trusted suppliers around the world.

We source the best herbs and spices from reliable and trusted suppliers.  Based in the North West of England, (United Kingdom) Seasoned Pioneers brings you exotic ingredients from around the world.

In creating a spice subscription club for like-minded people seeking fresh culinary experiences from the four corners of the earth, Seasoned Pioneers offers a guiding hand to nudge you in the right direction.

With regular monthly deliveries of the essential herbs and spices, hard to find ingredients and all the necessary guidance – a new adventure in food awaits you!

By sharing The Spice Pioneer’s experience, Seasoned Pioneers is giving you the opportunity to expand your culinary repertoire. Discover the smells and tastes of worldwide cuisine and ‘go that extra mile’ enhancing the mood and atmosphere with postcards and music from far flung places.

Authenticity underpins our products.  We only use the finest ingredients and have built long-term relationships with our suppliers across the globe. Seasoned Pioneers is famously known for dry-roasting & blending an entire range of spice mixes in-house using only traditional production methods and strictly original recipes (in no way ‘westernised’ or ‘anglicised’). Our methods include dry-roasting the whole spices in small batches (critical for genuine full-flavoured spice mixes) and fully developing and infusing together the flavour of each and every spice – enabling you to capture the very essence of world cuisine in your home.

Highly commended by many top UK food writers including Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, Ghillie Basan and Rick Stein, Seasoned Pioneers supplies a unique and authentic range of exotic spice blends, chillies, spices and specialist seasoning ingredients.

At Seasoned Pioneers we wish to encourage the accomplished as well as the more modest, less adventurous, cook to achieve the rewards and satisfaction of creating a meal which would never have been attempted without the know-how and support of professional chefs – be the talk of the neighbourhood!!