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Sink into exotic flavours of the Middle East. This box contains powerful and aromatic spices, perfectly measured into small pots to create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of Turkey. 

This box contains spices to make tantalising Meatballs with Festive Rice and refreshing Cucumber and Yogurt Salad. As well as our exquisite spices, each box also includes a shopping list, cooking method, postcard and a specially curated music playlist.

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Sat between two continents with vast histories of culinary influence, Turkish Food is famously unique, exotic and full of flavour. Varying across the country, it is essentially a refined blend and fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Armenian and Balkan cuisines. What’s not to love?

Here at the Spice Pioneer, we’ve put together this Turkish cuisine box so that you can sink your teeth into the brilliant flavours of Turkey and wow both family and friends. The powerful and aromatic spices are perfectly measured into small pots to create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of Turkish food.

As the Turks know fully well, spices are vital in boosting the flavour of food and you need correct quantities to achieve the best taste. That’s why the ingredients for your Turkish food have been carefully selected and quantified by our experts, thus saving you the trouble of buying the individual spices and having to measure them out yourself. All you need to do is add these spices as you cook, following the provided recipes. You’ll be easily creating gourmet meals in no time!

Alongside our exquisite spices and recipes, each Turkish cuisine box also includes a shopping list, a postcard and a specially curated music playlist that really brings the full Turkish experience into your home.

The included spices will help you to make tantalising Meatballs with Festive Rice, a delightfully refreshing Cucumber and Yogurt Salad and some delicious Baklava with lemon syrup.

In Turkey, meatballs are known as köfte and are incredibly popular. You’ll find there are many different versions with a variety of shapes (not always round!) but more often than not, they’re always made with ground lamb as is the case with our recipe here. As you pound the lamb with onion and garlic, you’ll be adding in our ground cinnamon, dried chillies and Baharat spice mix containing paprika, black peppercorns, cumin, cloves, coriander seed, cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg and cardamom. Lots of flavour here.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve included some festive rice to pair which makes great use of our saffron threads and ground allspice

There’s also cucumber and yogurt salad. You’ll find these types of yogurt-based salads throughout Turkish cuisine and with good reason! They’re incredibly easy to make and should help balance out the kick of the spices and keep you cooled off.

As a sweet treat at the end, we’ve got you covered with Baklava. It’s a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with lemon syrup. Every bit as delicious as it sounds. Indeed, it is widely believed that its current form was developed in the imperial kitchens of the Topkap? Palace in Istanbul. The Sultan presented trays of baklava to the Janissaries every 15th of the month of Ramadan in a ceremonial procession called the ‘Baklava Alayi’. If it was good enough for the Sultan and Turkish royalty, it’s good enough for us!


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