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Indulge in fragrant flavours of Asia. This box contains powerful and aromatic spices, perfectly measured into small pots to create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of Kashmir.

This box contains spices to make succulent Kashmiri Lamb, sultry Ginger Spiced Aubergine and Chickpeas and heavenly Glazed Flatbreads. As well as our exquisite spices, each box also includes a shopping list, cooking method, postcard and a specially curated music playlist.

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Indulge yourself in the fragrant flavours of South Asia. Kashmir food is varied and flavourful, with influence from the Mughals and Arabs as well as a signature Kashmiri spin. Our Kashmir cuisine box contains powerful and aromatic spices which have been perfectly measured into small pots, so you don’t have to worry about getting the exact measurements right. There are enough spices in the box to cook up a delicious three course meal for four people. Treat your friends and family to the authentic flavours of Kashmir food!

We’ve put together a selection of recipes that really compliment each other. First up, a succulent Kashmiri Lamb. Meat, along with rice, is one of the most popular foods of the Kashmir region. This lamb dish combines tender lamb with creamy yoghurt and Kashmiri masala. This spicy-sweet and aromatic blend combines spices like cumin seeds, green cardamom, clove buds, nutmeg and mace. If you prefer your food to have a little kick, you can easily add Kashmiri chilli powder.

The perfect side to accompany the lamb is a sultry dish of Ginger Spiced Aubergine and Chickpeas. Although Kashmir food consists of a lot of meat, there are plenty of vegetarian options too, and this one is a popular choice. Sweet tomatoes, earthy chickpeas and aromatic ginger blend together with soft, mild and creamy aubergine. A sprinkling of mustard seeds adds a spicy and aromatic kick.

Another great vegetarian addition is a mixed Kashmir vegetable dish. Although delicious at any time of the year, this makes for a great winter warmer, with hearty vegetables like potatoes, butternut squash and carrots blended with warming spices like ginger, Kashmiri chilli powder and Kashmiri masala.

A large component of Kashmir cuisine is the flatbread. The Kashmir Valley has a notable baking tradition, with countless bakers selling various kinds of breads. These are eaten alongside mains like curries, soups and meat dishes. We’ve included a recipe for Glazed Flatbreads, but don’t worry - it’s much easier than you think! These aren’t your average, plain flatbreads - they feature the vibrant and aromatic flavours of nigella seeds, fennel seeds and mint leaves. Add a sprinkle of Kashmiri masala and you have yourself a well-seasoned, soft and flavoursome flatbread.

We believe that cooking should be easy and fuss-free, which is why we’ve provided each Kashmir cuisine box with a shopping list, cooking method and postcard. To set the mood, we’ve also added a specially curated music playlist. So, stick your apron on, get cooking and enjoy some traditional Kashmir music with your Kashmir food!

Here at The Spice Pioneer, we believe that great food is made with the best ingredients. We only use premium ingredients to make our spice mixes, which we roast and blend by hand at our headquarters on the Wirral.

We may be biased, but we think these boxes make an excellent gift for any foodie out there. Check out our Gift Vouchers for the perfect present!


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  1. Dave Smith

    Just make it, I promise you wont regret it! Fabulous, especially when you slow cook the lamb and all the flavours sink in.

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