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Delve into invigorating flavours of SaigonThis box contains powerful and aromatic spices, perfectly measured into small pots to create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of Vietnam. 

This box contains spices to make lip-smacking Jungle Curry, spicy Tofu with a stunning Table Salad and luscious Fried Bananas for dessert. As well as our exquisite spices, each box also includes a shopping list, cooking method, postcard and a specially curated music playlist.

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Vietnam is known for being a foodie paradise. Vietnamese food is a favourite around the world, from famous dishes like Pho and Bánh mì, to less known (but equally delicious) dishes like Canh bun and Bo bit tet.

We want to bring you the invigorating flavours of Saigon right to your kitchen table. We’ve put together a Vietnamese cuisine box which contains spices to create a lip-smacking Jungle Curry, Spicy Tofu with Lemongrass, Basil and Peanuts, a fresh Table Salad and for dessert - Vietnamese Fried Bananas. Our powerful and aromatic spices have been perfectly measured into small pots to create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of Vietnam.

We’ll get straight to the star of the show - the Jungle Curry. Vegetables like carrots, green beans and bamboo shoots pair with fresh herbs and tangy lime to create a light, summery curry - perfect for those warm evenings or to brighten up a midweek meal.

Our Spicy Tofu with Lemongrass, Basil and Peanuts is a great side dish to complement the curry. Lightly fried tofu with a crispy coating is combined with fragrant spices like Chinese five spice blend and turmeric. Topped with crunchy peanuts and zesty basil leaves, it’s a dish that perfectly embodies the flavours of Vietnam. Plus, it’s 100% vegetarian!

For a little veg on the side, try the Table Salad. This isn’t your average salad. It combines sweet, sour and spicy flavours to create a truly unique and mouth watering dish. Crunchy lettuce, cucumber and beansprouts mix with sweet and sour mango and papaya. Throw in a little fresh chillies, herbs and lime juice and voilà! Healthy and delicious.

We can all agree that no meal is complete without dessert. When it comes to treats, Vietnam really knows how to do it well. From pastries to puddings to cakes, Vietnamese food really shines in the dessert department. In this Vietnamese cuisine box, you’ll discover how to take bananas to a whole new level. Bananas are coated in a batter of ground ginger, sugar, coconut milk and beer before lightly fried until crispy and brown.

We believe that cooking should be easy and fuss-free, which is why we’ve provided each Vietnamese cuisine box with a shopping list, cooking method and postcard. To make you really feel like you’re in Vietnam, we’ve also added a specially curated music playlist. So stick your apron on, get cooking and enjoy some traditional Vietnamese music with your Vietnamese food!

Here at The Spice Pioneer, we believe that great food is made with the best ingredients. We only use premium ingredients to make our spice mixes, which we roast and blend by hand at our headquarters on the Wirral.

We may be biased, but we think these boxes make an excellent gift for any foodie out there. Check out our Gift Vouchers for the perfect present!


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