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Immerse yourself in punchy flavours of the Mid West. This box contains powerful and aromatic spices, perfectly measured into small pots to create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people that captures the authentic flavours of Texas. 

This box contains spices to make delectable Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms with Five Seed Mix, delicious Beef Burritos and the all-time favourite American classic – Pecan Pie! As well as our exquisite spices, each box also includes a shopping list, cooking method, postcard and a specially curated music playlist.

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Texas is the second largest US state after Alaska. Positioned just above Mexico, it is the embodiment of the ‘wild west’ - a vast piece of land that could be a country in its own right. Naturally, given its geography and history, it boasts a fine cuisine - unique and recognisable all around the world.

Whether it’s Texan barbecue, Tex-Mex or traditional ‘Deep South’ cooking, Texas cuisine is everywhere and has been heavily influenced by a number of different cultures and countries including German, Czech, British, African American, Creole/Cajun, Mexican, Native American, Asian, Jewish and Italian. So, to celebrate that, we’ve put together this delicious Texas food box!

The box contains powerful and aromatic spices that capture the authentic flavours of Texas cuisine. They’re perfectly measured into small pots that will help create a mouth-watering three course meal for four people. These spices are vital to boost the flavour of your food and the correct quantities are essential to achieve maximum taste. So here at The Spice Pioneer, we’ve ensured that the ingredients for your Texas cuisine have been carefully selected and quantified. This saves you the trouble of buying individual spices and measuring them yourself.

Each Texas food box also includes a shopping list, cooking method, postcard and even a specially curated music playlist that will have you all moving whilst you cook (no wild-west shootouts, please). All you’ll need to do is add these spice mixes to your food as you cook, following the recipe. It’s never been so easy to create quality, gourmet results.

On the menu, we’ve got beef burrito with mexican rice and chipotle soured cream - a classic product of the Tex-Mex style of cooking that has blended traditional Northeastern Mexican cuisine (heavy use of beef, extremely hot peppers) with the American addition of sides such as beans, rice and tortilla wraps. This came about as an adaptation by Mexican American cooks when they realised their American customers wanted a full plate, rather than lots of small, individual servings. Our fajita seasoning - picked, roasted and blended by hand here at our headquarters on the Wirral - is the real deal.

Next up in the Texas food box, you’ll find delicious blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms with our five seed mix (golden & brown linseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds). This one is a nice and easy 3-step recipe and if you’ve ever been to Texas, you’ll know how much of a big hit and feature they are throughout the cuisine. If you can stuff it in a mushroom, Texas has done it.

Speaking of Texan favourites, we couldn’t leave out an all-time favourite American classic - the pecan pie. This pie is a staple desert of the ‘deep south’ cuisine, making use of the native pecans that have always grown here. Archaeological studies have concluded that Native Americans in Texas were using pecans as long as 8,000 years ago!

Fortunately, the time frame for making this is slightly shorter. You should be done within the hour and it can bake in the oven whilst you’re tucking in to your stuffed mushrooms and burritos.


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