Hi from New Orleans! What a place – so animated! Tons to do, not enough time and it’s hot & humid. Cruised the Mississippi on a steamboat a couple of days ago – had great views of the city whilst music played from the ship’s calliope -sets of whistles blown by the steam!

Ended up on Frenchmen Street that night – jazz music all around me. (Note to self – learn to play the sax when I get home!) Sat outside a blues bar, watched the world go by, scoffed a beef Po-Boy (the best sandwich ever) and drank a cold beer! Everyone in this city stops to chat. After a couple of hours and more beers I have a new friend, Charles Jnr.

Next thing I’m invited to dinner at his home the following day. Unbelievable! Well, his wife Eunice really is a great cook. She showed me how to make Holy Trinity, the Louisiana mix of onions, celery & green peppers. It’s the foundation of most local dishes including the steaming plate of delicious Shrimp Creole that she served us. Her banana dessert was incredible too, as was the coffee! Eunice gave me her recipes, so here they are for you to enjoy.

I’m positive you’ll love them as much as I did…Au revoir!

Wish you were here! Spice Pioneer x