It feels as tho’ I have been travelling for weeks but it has actually only been a few very exhausting days!  If only the roads were straight!  I started in the southern state of Kerala visiting cardamom plantations and one of the weekly auctions.  A large percentage of Indian, green cardamom pods are graded and sold to the Far East, especially Dubai. The larger and greener the pod, the higher the price!  They are stored in massive fridges to help maintain their deep green colour and intoxicating aroma.  Altho’ I enjoyed the coolness of these fridges and a brief respite from the intense sunlight outside, the amazingly intense smell of the cardamom overwhelmed me in minutes!

Now I have finally arrived at Miramar Beach to meet my Kiwi friend, TJ, who’s flown in to participate in the international kite flying festival starting in a few days.  It’s been quite a while since I last visited New Zealand so I was keen to make the trip to catch up with him. The festival has been running for a few years now and I am really looking forward to watching the highlight – night flying.  Small lights are attached to each kite lighting up the evening sky.  Many local and foreign enthusiasts of all ages take part in what is an amazing spectacle.

TJ and I will immerse ourselves in the cuisine here at Miramar Beach and I am hoping he will enjoy my special recipe for lamb Goan Xacuti. I think you will like it too…

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