Vietnam is a paradise for food lovers. You’ve probably already heard of or tried famous Vietnamese recipes like Pho and Bánh mì, but there are plenty of others out there which are just as delicious. If you’re wanting to try your hand at Vietnamese food recipes, then take a look at some of our favourites that we’ve put together.

For the mains, we’ve picked out a delicious Jungle Curry. Although Vietnamese curries aren’t as well-known as Indian or Thai curries, they’re just as flavoursome. This Jungle Curry combines fresh veggies like carrots, green beans and bamboo shoots with fresh herbs and tangy lime juice. Add in fragrant spices like galangal powder and ground turmeric and there you have it - a vibrant curry that’s bound to impress.

When it comes to side dishes, Vietnamese food recipes don’t disappoint. We’ve chosen a vegetarian Spicy Tofu with Lemongrass, Basil and Peanuts. The tofu is marinated in fragrant herbs and spices like Chinese Five Spice and then lightly fried so that it has a crispy coating. It’s then served with crunchy peanuts and zesty basil leaves. A perfect side dish and one of our favourite Vietnamese recipes.

A lot of Vietnamese recipes are fresh and healthy, such as this Vietnamese Table Salad. Forget boring old salads - this dish is bursting with sweet, sour and spicy flavours and is a great way to put a spin on your veggie intake. Crisp lettuce, crunchy cucumbers and beansprouts are combined with sweet and sour mango and papaya. Add in fresh chillies, herbs and lime juice, and you have a mouth watering side salad.

Because our Vietnamese food recipes so far have been healthy, we think it’s fairly reasonable to add in a little indulgent dessert. There is a wide range of Vietnamese desserts out there, but we’ve chosen a traditional classic: Vietnamese Fried Bananas. Sweet bananas are dipped and coated in a batter of ground ginger, sugar, coconut milk and beer before lightly fried until crispy and brown. Delicious!