Fancy a little getaway? How do the tropical shores of Thailand sound? This country in South East Asia is full of beautiful beaches, sparkling waters, fascinating culture and of course, delicious food. With such a range of spices and fresh ingredients, it’s no wonder that Thai recipes are famous around the world.

Thai recipes are focused around light dishes with strong, aromatic components and lots of spice. It’s taken influence from neighbouring countries including India, Malaysia and China, as well as traders from Portugal and the Americas. Sounds interesting? We’ve put together some of our favourite Thai food recipes for you to try.

If you’re looking for an easy starter, this recipe for butternut squash and chicken salad is a winner. It makes the most of our seven seas spice mix which contains warm cardamom and citrus coriander notes. Paired together with fresh red chilli, Thai holy basil and fresh lime juice, you have yourself a zesty, spicy and refreshing summer salad.

When it comes to mains, there are plenty of Thai food recipes that stand out. One of our favourites is coconut lentil soup with pak choi, a delicious vegetarian dish. This classic Thai dish is packed with flavour, thanks to our Thai seasoning blend. This spice mix makes the most of the fresh flavours of galangal, Thai holy basil and lemongrass to deliver a flavoursome punch. In fact, if you’re planning on cooking up a few Thai recipes, you’ll find this little seasoning blend quite handy.

Another way to use our Thai seasoning blend is in this recipe for prawn penang with sticky rice. Penang is an area in Malaysia where this dish originated from, but over the years it has had its own Thai spin put on it. Spicy chillies, zesty lemongrass, warming ginger and aromatic Thai holy basil are just some of the flavours of the curry, and which you’ll also find in many other Thai food recipes. A penang curry is thicker than other Thai curries, with a richer taste and creamier texture.