Although not as famous as Indian food, Sri Lankan food is definitely not one to miss. They do have their similarities - Sri Lankan dishes largely consist of rice and curries, but these are quite different to the Indian curries you’re used to. As a general rule, Sri Lankan curries tend to be thinner and more heavily spiced than their Indian counterparts. Moreover, Sri Lankan dishes make good use of local fruits like jackfruit and coconut, fresh seafood and a huge variety of spices.

The ethnic diversity of the island certainly plays its part in influencing its cuisine. With much of the population hailing from India, Arabia, Africa and the Malay World, it’s no wonder the cuisine is so diverse. Colonial influence by the Portugese, Dutch and British has also played a part in shaping Sri Lankan dishes.

Fancy taking on a challenge and seeing what Sri Lankan food recipes you can cook up? Take a look at some ideas we’ve put together.

As curries are a fundamental part of Sri Lankan food recipes, we’ve included two that you can try out. Firstly, a Beetroot Curry. Beetroot has a sweet and earthy flavour which pairs nicely with spices like cinnamon, coriander and fenugreek. All of these flavours are stewed together in coconut milk, creating a vibrant and healthy curry. Add some fresh chillies for a little kick!

The second curry is a mouthwatering Monkfish Curry. We’ve chosen to use monkfish as its mild flavour and firm, lean meat works well in curries. If you’re not a fan of fish, you can also swap it out with prawns. The fish is cooked together with spices like fenugreek, ginger and tamarind, as well as Sri Lankan curry powder which is a mix of sweet, tart and fruity flavours. Add a handful of fresh spinach for a dash of colour.

If you’re looking for a side dish to accompany your curry, Sri Lankan food recipes don’t disappoint. A great vegan option is the Spicy Green Beans with Black Mustard Seeds. Grab some fresh green beans and sautee them together with fenugreek, ginger, curry leaves, garlic, chilli and Malay curry powder. Don’t forget to add in the mustard seeds which give the dish a sharp, spicy flavour.

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