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Try your hand at this unmistakable African classic with a Spice Pioneer twist! Peri-Peri is the perfect zesty marinade to pair with juicy, succulent chicken because our spices provide immeasurable flavour.

Want to bring gourmet, restaurant quality cuisine to your dinner table? Our spices are meticulously sought to provide only the highest, unbeatable quality. With an easy recipe and cooking guide, Power Pods will blow your taste buds away in under 30 minutes!

Did you know that each Power Pod purchase contributes towards our tree planting initiative?

Included: Peri-Peri Spice Mix, Recipe, Cooking Method

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The fearsome combination of peri peri spice was created in Mozambique in the 1400s. The blend is an infusion of African, Portuguese and Brazilian influences, due to settlement around that time in Africa. Today the recipe still has a nod towards the cultures that created the blend.

Our innovative blend contains a mix of Mediterranean herbs and spices such as smoked pimenton and oregano, blended with the famous African piri-piri chillies. These flavours combine with pungent onion powder and garlic. Finally, a sharp, citrus taste of lemon cuts through the black pepper to birth our well-rounded, magnificent peri peri spice mix. The spice blend is designed to be applied straight to chicken or a vegetarian alternative and marinated before cooking, in order to achieve outstanding results.

Using spices is the best way to make your food taste good. The amount of spices you include in your cooking can make a big difference to its flavour. We have tried and tested the blend to ensure your food reaches its maximum taste. This obliterates the need to buy individual spices and quantify them yourself! With the peri peri seasoning you can worry less about adding your own spices and enjoy creating gourmet results quickly and easily for four people.

As well as the quantity of spices you use, their quality makes a huge difference to the taste of your food. We source worldwide, premium ingredients to create the peri peri spice, which means its taste is authentic and the flavour is powerful! We then roast and blend each peri peri spice mix by hand in small batches to guarantee our unrivalled quality.

Furthermore, the diet-friendly spice mix is only made with natural ingredients, meaning it is free from oil, preservatives, additives and refined sugar. This is beneficial for those following a diet plan. The versatile spice mix is suitable for everyone to enjoy because it is dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

This premium peri peri spice mix is accompanied with an inspiring, easy-to-follow recipe. This peri peri seasoning is the ideal zesty marinade to add to juicy, succulent chicken that the whole family can enjoy within 30 minutes.

Lemon, Unrefined Brown Sugar, Smoked Pimenton, Garlic, Seasalt, Onion Powder, Piri-Piri Chillies,
Black Pepper, Oregano, Nutmeg

The Spice Pioneer Power Pod Promise!

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free from oil, preservatives, additives and refined sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gluten Free
  • Made and packaged in the UK

Shopping List: Peri-Peri Chicken Power Pod

  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Lime
  • 8 Chicken Thighs or Meat Free Alternative
  • Rice, Pita Bread and Salad (optional)

Energy 1777.30KJ/424.50kcal, Fats 4.52g, of which saturates 0.68g,Carbohydrate 78.82g,
of which sugars 27.37g, Fibre 11.01g, Protein 6.13g, Salt 10.08g

4 reviews for Peri-Peri Chicken

  1. Elsa Williams

    An excellent product, easy to use, and produced a delicious chicken dinner with fresh, zingy flavours.
    I stir fried vegetables – onion, peppers, mushrooms etc., in the pan I had used to cook the chicken, and they absorbed the exciting flavours too.

  2. Sue

    What a great idea, quick easy and full of flavour, well done.

  3. Ruth

    Have tried a variety of peri peri seasoning, this is probably the best I’ve tried. Even beats a well known chain restaurants version!

  4. Joe

    WOW – there’s no other words! ?

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