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Want to become a master of cooking this Tex-Mex inspired dish? Get ready to enrich your cooking and amp up the flavour of your Fajitas.

Allow us to inspire you with our authentic, first-class spices. By using a Power Pod when you cook, supernatural flavours will be released within your sizzling feast for four. Just follow our easy recipe and cooking guide to skyrocket your taste buds into oblivion within 30 minutes!

Did you know that each Power Pod purchase contributes towards our tree planting initiative?

Included: Fajita Spice Mix, Recipe, Cooking Method

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Fajitas consist of marinated meat or vegetables served in heated tortilla wraps. Tacos are a variation of the dish, usually served in crispy corn shells and often made with minced meat such as pork. Fajitas are usually served with cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. In Spanish, Fajita translates as ‘thin strip’. Like its name suggests, the meat should be cut finely to soak up the flavourful spices.

Our fajita seasoning is a fierce infusion of the world’s finest herbs and spices. The enchanting blend contains a playful suggestion of heat from the cayenne, red chillies and biting black pepper. The smoky cumin compliments woody notes of thyme and peppery allspice. The herbal savouriness of the blend balances vibrant flavours of paprika and garlic. This well-rounded spice blend is designed to be added straight to meat or vegetables to marinate before frying.

Spices are vital to boost the flavour of your food and the correct quantities are essential to achieve maximum taste. The ingredients in our fajita spice mix have been carefully selected and quantified to create flavoursome fajitas for four people. This saves you the trouble of buying individual spices and measuring them yourself! With our fajita spices all you need to do is add them to your food as you cook to create gourmet results quickly and easily for the whole family to enjoy.

As well as quantity, quality of the spices you use makes a massive difference to the taste of your food. We source and select first-class ingredients based on their authentic, strong flavours. In our UK factory, we roast and blend the fajita spice mix by hand in small batches to ensure our unbeatable standards.

Furthermore, our fajita seasoning does not contain oil, preservatives, additives or refined sugar. This means our 100% natural ingredients are a healthier alternative to alternative brands. The spice mix is suitable for everyone because it is dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

The high quality, perfectly portioned fajita spice mix that we offer comes with an easy-to-follow recipe and cooking method. This recipe guides you through simple steps to make a sizzling Mexican feast for the whole family within 30 minutes! Our astonishing fajita spices are ultimate choice when making restaurant-quality cuisine quickly and easily.

Cumin, Paprika, Seasalt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion Powder, Thyme, Allspice, Oregano,
Red Chillies, Cayenne

The Spice Pioneer Power Pod Promise!

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free from oil, preservatives, additives and refined sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gluten Free
  • Made and packaged in the UK

Shopping List: Fajita Power Pod

  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 3 Mixed Peppers
  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • Tortilla Wraps, Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream and Cheese (optional)

Energy 1612.27KJ/385.08kcal, Fats 8.70g, of which saturates 1.16g,Carbohydrate 49.45g,
of which sugars 8.29g, Fibre 16.03g, Protein 11.23g, Salt 17.94g

10 reviews for Fajita

  1. Elsa Williams

    I was in a hurry at the end of a busy day and used the Fajita Power Pod to make a super-quick, delicious meal for my family. The herbs and spices gave the chicken fantastic flavour and the dish was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. An excellent buy that I will use regularly.

  2. Naomi Wilks

    We are really enjoying the pods and this is the tastiest yet. We are fajita experts but they have never been as good as this. Its the power pod for us from now on.

  3. Kath Bailey

    Third on our pod journey. Another household hit! We had a bit of left over chicken which I added to our carbonara the next day. So we ended up enjoying with it twice! The flavour it gave to the carbonara was sooo good! Can’t wait to do the next one.

  4. Catherine Griffiths

    Made this using beef mince and it was fantastic! Very authentic flavours, and love the fact that I came in from football training and tea was on the table in under 25 minutes…will be trying the Katsu curry next!

  5. Peter Penny

    Myself and the boys (we have 3 aged 8, 11 and 13) adored this Fajita blend. They devoured all it and asked for thirds! Mum less pleased as she does not get that response from her routine cooking ! Can’t wait to try the others. Love that this is a UK company and fully recyclable.

  6. joanne Smith

    This is easy to make any day of the week. We used chicken and Quorn, which were enjoyed by the whole family.

  7. martyn walsh

    Just Cooked some chicken fajitas for the family, 8 and 6 year old wolfed it down. Easy to add to chicken and veg, job done. Its an excellent product.

  8. Sian

    I used the fajita spice pod when cooking for the family and everyone commented how delicious it was, I will definitely be using it again!

  9. Simon Crowson

    Just cooked this for the first time and really enjoyed the flavours, not too spicy as the my 8 year old came back for seconds

  10. Joe

    Supercharged with flavour they most certainly are! Not too spicy either – I had left overs so made a lovely salad with the veg and chicken the following day!

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