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Want to breathe life back into your regular cooking? Effortlessly delicious Chilli Con Carne is possible with a handy Power Pod because our spices intensify the taste of your cooking!

We source premium herbs and spices to guarantee bold, powerful flavours for you to enjoy. The simple recipe and step-by-step cooking guide that accompany the spices guarantee a sensational meal for four will be delivered to your table within just 40 minutes!

Included: Chilli Con Carne Spice Mix, Recipe, Cooking Method



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Cumin Seeds, Smoked Pimenton, Garlic, Coriander, Oregano, Thyme, Red Chillies, Cayenne, Seasalt

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free from oil, preservatives, additives and refined sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made and packaged in the UK

Energy 2061.22KJ/492.31kcal, Fats 13.40g, of which saturates 1.82g,Carbohydrate 55.61g,
of which sugars 7.67g, Fibre 23.33g, Protein 13.99g, Salt 2.14g

3 reviews for Chilli Con Carne

  1. B Rounce

    Liked this very much. Refreshingly different from any chilli – homemade or otherwise – that we have had before.

  2. Naomi Wilks

    Really easy to follow and absolutely delicious! Much more flavour than the usual jar of sauce.

  3. Joe

    Super easy recipe to follow, and flavour was warming and super tasty ?!

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