There is nothing quite like flying into Cape Town early in the morning – a hint of mist clinging to the coast, and the rising sun adding wonderfully theatrical lighting to ‘Table Mountain’.  The drive East from Cape Town is no less dramatic and so I find myself in Knysna…staying on the ‘Island’ in the lagoon.

There is a tiny herd of African bush elephants that has adapted to live in the local forest areas, which we hope to locate early tomorrow. There are no guarantees though as with possibly less than ten still surviving and a huge area for them to roam the odds are against us, but trekking through the forests will be great fun. I’m trying not to get too excited! I expect a great deal more success with the marine inhabitants of Plettenberg Bay. Last time I was here (at least a decade ago) we surfed with the friendliest pod of dolphins. The locals say that they are still about so fingers crossed that one or two will show themselves tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight, despite my travel weariness, I have been to a 50th Birthday party! It was attended by a pretty large percentage of the local population and apart from the amount of beer that was consumed, it was quite different to other milestone birthday parties I have been to back home. Guests in turn spoke about their friendship with the host, what it meant to them and why they were there…it was both extremely memorable and moving. The food was a great surprise too. There is no denying that the ‘braai’ (South African for BBQ) is big business here but tonight we had some real traditional dishes that were a taste sensation and so simple. You really must try them…

‘Goeie nag’ for now and wish me luck with the elephants…

Why not join me for my next adventure?

Wish you were here! Spice Pioneer x

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