If only everyone were free to globe trot around the world seeking out delicious, exotic flavours and ingredients! As most of us are not able to partake in such enthralling adventures, we can still enjoy the experience, albeit in the comfort of our own homes. In fact, joining a monthly meal kit delivery service sourced by a true culinary whizz has innumerable benefits.

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Just think about it…. no travel inoculations to worry about, currency exchange rates are of no concern, passports and visas are irrelevant, as is getting to the airport on time to then linger in a departure lounge! The Spice Pioneer does it all for us, we can just sit back, relax and await our spice kit delivery to land on the doormat.

Ok, he does get to taste lots of exquisite local cuisines, but they’re not always going to be as palatable to us as the locals may think they are! There are many occasions when he politely has to sample some rather weird and wonderful dishes. Thankfully, he does all this experimentation on our behalf and we simply get to reap the rewards of his enterprises. These are the dishes for which he sends the seasonings and ingredients to us in a spice kit meticulously created to cook the recipes that he knows we will love!

We’re very aware that The Spice Pioneer is an incredibly optimistic, glass half full kind of a chap, one who definitely looks on the bright side of life. You’d have to be that way inclined to do what he does. It is a momentous challenge to arrive in a strange place, get yourself orientated and befriend the community to the point that they’re happy to share their snacks and dinners with you!

In many cultures including our own, treasured family recipes are handed down through the generations, carefully guarded secret twists that make subtle differences to the end results, defining that family’s dish from their neighbour’s dish. The Spice Pioneer’s friendly, open and honest style of engagement with everyone he meets is what entices people to share such culinary secrets, secrets that he then transposes into your spice kit.

When you sign up to his meal kit delivery service, you will reap the benefits of his boundless research and cooking trials. He does not have the luxury of a bespoke kitchen with gadgets galore, in fact he considers himself fortunate when he has a supply of electricity! Woks, pots, clay ovens, gas bottles and burners are more often than not the tools with which he works. And yes, sometimes he gets to enjoy cooking under the stars on an open fire, in a warm scented breeze listening to the chirping of cicadas and the waves breaking on the beach!

Appreciating all the endeavour that has gone into each spice kit delivery adds another level of pleasure to the meal that you can then create in your kitchen. This is not by any means an average meal kit delivery service, it is so much more. The Spice Pioneer has painstakingly ensured that the recipes, spices and ingredients are nothing less than wonderful. He also strives to make your evening even more special by composing a play list of music to complement your surprise culinary destination.

If you’re trying to think of unique and original gifts for foodies, a meal kit delivery service such as this has got to be the jewel in the crown of culinary gifts. Month after month of inspiring ingredients to make meals that transport the cook and their guests to faraway places at their own dinner table, could it get any better?

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