By the time you read this, I am bound to have moved on to yet another part of the world in my quest to bring you the most outstanding dishes on the planet. I am what you may call a ‘seasoned traveller’ in the literal sense!

I grew up under the guidance of parents who believed that exploring the world and enjoying great tasting food with others was the essence of a fulfilled, interesting and joyous life. So that’s how I come to be roaming my way through distant places, meeting wonderful people and eating exceptional foods.

On a daily basis I’m filling my journal with endless accounts of dishes and exciting ingredients that I’ve enjoyed. I use what I’ve gleaned to create my take on local recipes and seasonings that I know will work in your kitchen.

Of course, I would love to be able to share the true atmosphere and ambience of the exotic places in which I dine, but be assured that I will avidly describe my surroundings, the local characters I encounter and the flavours I taste. I will also send you a musical play list that will audibly transport you and your guests to join me wherever in the world I may be!

The Spice Pioneer x