From Salvadore to Singapore

From Kalamazoo to Timbuktoo

I want to be your food guru.

A gourmet fellow through and through

From Cococabana to Indiana

From Greece to Nice, Milan to Iran

I’m setting out with joyful stride

Pastures new to find worldwide

Exotic spices to uncover

Far flung cultures to discover.

The world’s a so much smaller place

Anywhere could be my base.

I have a dream to search, prepare

Cook and test and taste and share,

Conjuring up exotic food

To send to you in Burn or Bude

Or some other well loved place

Cromarty or Cannock Chase..?.

Seasoning sensations hot

Meals that really ‘hit the spot’

Seasoning sensations mild

All desires reconciled.

I’m ‘Spice Pioneer’ – a true nomad

My culinary creations aren’t half bad!!