As a child I wanted, more than anything, to be a pirate and today has been a special day as it started, quite by chance, in Port Royal – the true home of Caribbean piracy!  Nicknamed the ‘wickedest city on earth’ it was a frequent stopover for Blackbeard and the infamous Captain Morgan.

Not everything has gone smoothly since I arrived.  Last night I thought I had lost my wallet and had only enough money to get the bus a few stops to Port Royal.  I wandered the dunes until I came across the Ocean Bar and with the last of my loose change had a couple of beers.  Sleeping under the stars was great fun!  However, it was a great relief this morning to discover that the hard lump in my jacket that kept disturbing my sleep was in fact the missing wallet lodged in the lining!

Now I find myself at Boston Beach, the home of the best jerk shacks on the island.  The air is thick with mouth-watering pimento smoke and sweet spice.  The water is so inviting that as soon as I have finished writing this card I am off to catch a few waves.  With the promise of the best jerk chicken, charred pineapple and amazing salsa – what a fitting end to a great day!  As they say – “Everyting is everyting!”  (All is well!)